The technologies available from WET are the following:

  1. Thermal Desalination

Mainly used for the fresh water generation from seawater, and for either process or potable service.

The extremely high quality of the produced fresh water makes the process of WET thermal desalination particularly convenient for the production of process distillate.

The recent applications of MED technology for the recovery of waste heat and for the exploitation of the solar energy proved the technical and economical convenience of the thermal desalination licenced by WET

  1. MSF Multi Stage Flash
Foto x cover.jpg
8500 T/d MSF
  1. MED Multiple Effect Distillation
120 T/d MED
  1. MED/TVC Multiple Effect Distillation with Thermo Vapour Compression
144 T/d MED/TVC
  1. MVC Mechanical Vapour Compression
240 T/d MVC
  1. LTF Low Temperature Flash
600 T/d LTF
  • Deaerators
    • Thermal Deaerators

Mainly used in Power Plants and Refineries. Applicable for:

  • Boiler Feed Water for Power Generation and for Process Boilers (Tray Type Deaerators)
  • Vertical Tower (for low and medium capacity)
  • Horizontal Tower (for high capacity)
600 T/h Deaerator (being erected)
  • Vacuum Deaerators

Mainly used in the Oil & Gas Centres. Applicable for:

  • Water Injection (Oil / Gas Wells)
    • DM Water feed to Desalters
Vacuum Deaerator in operation
  • Ion Exchange
  • Demineralization
100  m3/h Demineralization line for make-up water to boilers
  • Condensate Polishing
850 m3/h Condensate Polisher for 660 MW Power Steam Cycle
  • Separation
  • Oil Removal
  • CPI Corrugated Plates Interceptors
80 m3/h CPI (unit being tested at workshop)
  • IGF/IAF Induced Gas/Air Flotation
55 m3/h IGF (skid ready for shipping)
  • NSF Nutshell Filters
2×55 m3/h NSF (skid ready for shipping)
  • ACF Activated Carbons Filtration
220 m3/h ACF (at workshop)
  • Solids Removal
  • Deep Bed Filtration (Sand, Dual Media)
2×80 m3/h seawater Dual Media Filter (skid being shipped)
  • Cartridge Filtration
Internal of Cartridge Filter 800 m3/h Condensate
  • Hydrocyclones
120 m3/h De-sander Cyclone