Water Edge Technologies (in brief WET) is the firm through which the expertise of Dr Marco Rognoni is made available to the community of engineers and technologists involved in the industrial water treatment and in the production of process water.

The expertise available by WET is mainly focused to the specific technologies required by Power Plants, Refineries and Petrochemical industries for the process water of high quality  necessary to sustain their operation, such as boiler feed water.

The know-how available in WET has been originated not only from the scientific activity of Dr Rognoni but also from his experience in the design and fabrication of package plants successfully delivered in five continents during over 30 years of activity in this field.

The technologies available in WET cover the following main water treatment processes:

–            Sea water desalination by thermal process, there including MSF (multistage flash), MED (multiple effects distillation), TVC (thermo vapour compression), MVC (mechanical vapour compression), LTF (low temperature flash)

–            Deaeration, either by thermal process or by  vacuum stripping

–            Ion exchange purification, applied either to raw water demineralization or to condensate polishing (including external regeneration arrangement)

–            De-oiling by API, CPI (Corrugated Plates Interceptor), oleophilic resins, air flotation and activated carbons

–            Filtration by sand and duel media filters, cartridges (including micro-filtration with backwash by air pulses)

–            Other particular treatments like iron removal, chlorination and de-chlorination, pH correction, chemical additivation. 

The know-how of WET is applicable to the design of the new plants and to the refurbishment and modernization of the existing plants, with the target of reducing the running cost according to the performance of the up-dated modern technologies.