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WET organization is suited to exploit the proprietary know-how and provide consulting services, under various forms, to:


-          Users and owners of industrial plant for water treatment. The services are aimed to choose the most appropriate and convenient technology for the treatment of the raw water available and produce the required water according to the necessary characteristics of quality and quantity. The services may include the evaluation of the investment and of the running costs also considering the necessary facilities and consumptions

Evaluation of the status of existing plants, and recommendations for any rehabilitation / refurbishing work that may be necessary or convenient for the reduction of the running costs, including the issue of the relevant specifications and description of the scope of work

-          EPC Contractors for industrial installation in which water plants are included. The services are aimed to the preparation of the technical documents for the procurement of the water package units and may be extended to the technical evaluation of the vendor’s offers, with the relevant recommendations for the buyer. Attendance to the shop test is available if required, as well as to the site commissioning and performance tests for the acceptance of the plant.

-          Vendors of Package water plants. The services are aimed to assess the most convenient arrangement of the plant in compliance with the requested performance guarantees, including the recommendation for the fabrication materials and linings.

Geometrical sketches of the tailored items shall be supplied, as well as the assistance and recommendation for the procurement of the critical equipment to be assembled in the package.

-          Consultants committed for projects in which water treatment is included . The services consist in siding the consultant organization and add the expertise in water treatment plants to the other expertises available.


In accordance with the targets above, the services of WET include:

-     Licence for the Design of Water Treatment Plants, based on WET proprietary know-how

-          Process and Basic Design of water treatment plants. Issue of process reports and sizing of the plants.

-          Comments and Approval of the Mechanical Design. Assessment of the process adequacy

-          Issue of Specifications for the Critical Items. Technical evaluation of the proposals of the Vendors.

-          Assistance to Shop Tests and Site Tests. Issue of relevant reports

-          Preparation of Erection and O&M Manuals.

-          Organisation of Training Courses. If required, the personal presence of Dr Rognoni  can be ensured as trainer


The services can be tailored for the needs of each Client, specifically for each project.

WET ensures the maximum flexibility and collaboration to its Clients worldwide.


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