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WET (Water Edge Technologies) is the professional firm through which the know-how of Dr Marco Rognoni for the processes of treatment of industrial water is made available to end users and contractors involved in projects for:

-          Sea Water Desalination

-          Water Purification by Ion Exchange

-          Water Deaeration

-          Water Filtration and oil removal

The expertise of WET is proven and supported by the large number of experiences and projects successfully delivered under the guidance of Dr Rognoni in over 30 countries around the world during over 30 years of activity as consultant or as director of companies specialized in the design and supply of package plants.

Among others, the C.V. of Dr Rognoni includes the following:

-          Up to 1974:  Process Engineer of SIR (one of the first technologist of sea water desalination by MSF process)

-          From 1974 to 1986:  Head of Division in Techint (International EPC contractor)

Managing Director of Interco-Techint (tehran, Iran)

-          From 1987 to 1996:  General Manager and Managing Director of SOWIT, leader in thermal desalination, and also:

Member of the board of AMSA (Municipality of Milano - Italy -  for environmental services)

Member of the board of SPS (Investment company for joint Public-Private projects)

Member of the board of SES (Investment company for private projects)

Member of the board of OICE (National Italian association of engineering companies)

-          From 1997 to 2013: Founder of SWS (Saline Water Specialists) and Chairman of the company. Technical Advisor of Sofinter for water projects and water technologies, and also:

Chairman of SWS America (Venezuela)

Chairman of SWS&GB (India) and technical advisor of it

Consultant of various EPC contractors committed for water treatment projects

Dr Rognoni is invited speaker in several international symposiums for sea water desalination, author of many scientific publication for desalination and water treatment and the sole author of a comprehensive book (edited in the Italian language in 2010) about sea water desalination.

WET services include the following activities:

-          Provision of Licence and supply of the relevant technical support in the plant design

-          Supply of Consulting services for feasibility studies, basic design, planning of investments and performances

-          Supply of assistance services in the Engineering works

-          Preparation of Manuals for the design, fabrication, erection and operation of plants for sea water desalination and industrial water treatment in general

-          Diagnosis of malfunctions for plants in operation and specification of the necessary remedial works. Modernization of existing plant and reduction of the relevant running costs.

-          Site assistance for start-up and tuning of water treatment plants

-          Training courses for designer and operators, maintenance engineers


The services of WET are suited for the needs of plant users, EPC contractors and suppliers of package plants. The scope, extension of the services are tailored according to any specific requirement.

Dr Marco Rognoni


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